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Digital Management

Does paying bills or handling paperwork cause anxiety or stress for your household members or your business?  Do you have paper piles throughout your living or work space? Would you like to have access to your important documents from anywhere in the world (with internet access) or at least have peace of mind knowing where they are?

Together, we will find the right system  (whether it is digital, paper or a mix of both) that keeps you on top of important paperwork and finances thus freeing up time and money for more important things like making memories.

Speaking of which.....

Admit it; since you first purchased a digital camera years ago, you now have thousands of pictures titled “IMG001, IMG002” in all areas of your computer files. Some are on the desktop, some are still in the download file and some….well you just know they have to be somewhere!! Can you find the pictures from that family trip to Disneyland from 4 years ago?

Do you have all your photos backed up to a removal device and secured in a safe place in the event of a fire or emergency?

I can help you get a handle of your precious memories and implement easy systems to keep your digital photos organized and manageable going forward.  As a certified member of APPO , I have acquired the knowledge and resources to aid in all project types.  Don't let your memories get lost in the digital shuffle or remain  stuck in a box in the attic.  Let's locate them, scan, organize, and put them together to tell the stories you want to share. 

Areas I Can Help with:

  • Photos (locate printed or digital photos, organize and turn them into creative story-telling photo books)
  • Computer Files (does your desktop look like a file bomb went off?)
  • Paperwork Control
  • Online Banking/Bill Pay (set up)
  • Important Documents/Backup
  • Cloud Storage/Digital Estate Set Up
digital management

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