Bookkeeping Services

Congratulations, you either are or you are about to become your own boss! Starting and running a small business can be extremely challenging as you try to wear many hats in order to keep costs down. Letting someone handle your finances is as personal as it gets. Can I trust them? Will they do it right? I firmly believe when it comes to your business accounting, this is not something you want to go at alone. You need to focus on what it is YOU do and let the experts handle the mundane tasks and paperwork management.

I have been running small businesses for over 20 years and have used QuickBooks exclusively. I can help with set-ups, clean-ups, catch-ups and everything else in between. I can also log directly on to your own computer and assist with questions and perform regular maintenance of your books. I can even teach YOU how to run YOUR own books and assist you on an as-needed basis!

Hourly rates begin at $25 per hour. For regular clients, flat weekly/monthly rates available. **Keep in mind, you will not be matching my taxes, paying my unemployment insurance nor will you have to cover me for worker’s comp = savings for you!!!

Book an introductory session NOW so we can start restoring your sanity!