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Jennifer Lynn, Organization Expert

People often resist hiring a Professional Organizer because they don't want a stranger running the proverbial white glove over their lives and sneering at any dust they might find. Let me tell you right now, I'm not a neat freak and I wasn't born organized. Organization is a skill that can be acquired over time. I will not judge you, and I promise I have probably seen worse.

My mom was a perfectionist who never sat still and my father......he liked to collect stuff.  ALL kinds of stuff.  He was a sentimental collector  with procrastination issues. He never wanted to face his stuff.  He would keep saying, "someday...." and in the end, he never did get around to organizing, displaying or enjoying any of it. As a result, we were the ones left trying to dig through decades of someone elses STUFF.  It's sad too because he really did have some amazing things he collected over the years that spent most of his lifetime in boxes or lost all together.

Because I am the perfect mix of both my parents...I can understand how and why one gets to a certain place of being overwhelmed and not wanting to tackle clutter. However, I can provide a little tough-love to help guide you along the way and keep you motivated until we reach your goals.  We'll work together to develop strategies that you can practice as time goes on to ensure that you can easily maintain the level of organization that you gain today.

There will be lots of laughs.  A few tears.  There will be doubts or moments you want to quit.  (with most projects, you have to make a space look worse before it starts to look better)  Those are minor bumps because more times than not, you WILL start to feel better about your situation.  Most importantly, you will have an ally in all of this.   

My goal is not to leave you in an empty room stripped of all your prized possessions. My goal is to literally restore your sanity!

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